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I am a writer at heart and I have self-published a number of great books (I think, anyway!) using a book printer/publisher called Createspace and I have them listed for sale by Amazon.

If you go to my AMAZON AUTHORS Page you will see that I have a wide variet of different books available for those that might be interested.

The subject matter ranges from a Recipe Book to a Detective Novel, a Book of Short Stories, a Book of Food Facts, even one for the person that might want to write and publish thir own book called; A PoorMans Guide.

My most popular book is called Dons RV INFORMATION

I have these books available in both Paperback and Kindle eBook formats depending on what format the reader might desire.

Check them out below and support a struggling writer by buying one, if it looks interesting.


I have collected a lot of informative data along with most of the information that you will find in this Blog into a book.

What I have tried to give you is the unique information that I thought a typical RVer might find useful.

From reference data on RVs, Appliances and Accessories to numerous aids for maintaaining and Servicing your RV, I tried to include it here.

 DONs RV INFO is available for sale, at a reasonable price, on the site you will be sent to if you are interested, and CLICK on the link here.

The site is a secure one, managed by my book publisher, so it is safe to use your credit card there.


My wife and I both grew up in the Central part of Virginia. I am from Lynchburg, and she is from Amherst County.

We met and married in the late Sixties and we moved out to the rural area of the state in a small "Post Office village" called Clifford.

This beautiful country is near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We both worked and we both loved to cook. Over the years that we lived there we collected a lot of recipes from our country neighbors, as well as the local church and rescue squad cookbooks.

These great and simple resipes (over 140 Recipes in all) are what the people we lived with and around used everyday, in the early Seventies and I decided to put them into my Recipe Book called; Old Recipe Collection.
Click on it and check the book out, or click on the link to my Amazon Authors page shown above.


Even though I do cook, over my early years, I kept running up on strange terms and phrases used by other cooks and even Chefs.

Also, I learned, over time that foods have specific and often different methods of; selecting, handling, cooking and storing them.

Well, I began to collect these tidbits of information about foods and I eventually put them into a book called FOOD FACTS, for want of anything else to call it.

The information this book is listed in alphabetical order and would make a valauble reference book for both the novice cook as well as the more experienced one.


This is my first PUBLISHED novel, and I think you will love it.

It is about fast paced thriller about a Navajo Indian detective originally from the Navajo Nation in Arizona who is hired for his unique skills from his service as a Marine as well as his work in the DEA.

Detective HUNTER becomes embroiled with a woman from the wealthy side of town and finds himself shot and racing to stop a seasoned assassin from spreading even more death around Tampa.

The book is titled ONE BULLET and You Will enjoy the read.


This book is a collection of my favorite Short Stories and Poems that I have written over the past couple of years.

Each of these stories was inspired by an occurance or situation that occured in my life. Most are totally factual while others are based on actuality but embroidered somewhat for effect.

But, all of them are very good and entertaining reading. Click on the link RoadKill to see the book on Amazon.

When I first started to write my first book, I had absolutely no idea how to go about actually writing one and getting it published.
I had very little money, so after a very long time on the web studying how the publishing industry operated, I finally wrote and published my first book.
Over time, I have written a number of books and the things I learned along the way are presented in this instructional book, that can help anyone get into witing and publishing cheaply.
Check it our by clicking on the link A POOR MANs GUIDE to Writing and Publishing a Book