DONs other BLOGs

Of course, a bigmouth like myself ( my wife made me write that) 
just has to have places to keep talking, even it it's with a keyboard.

Because I do write a lot,  on a lot of different subjects.

Here are some of my other BLOGs that you might want to read.

Hey, You're just sitting there, 
read about these and Click on one!


I also have another BLOG called
A FRUGAL CHEF that I use to
provide great and HEALTHY
information about FOODs.

It includes numerous easy recipes many of which are LOW CALORIE
with their Nutritional information included
at the bottom of the Recipe.

This Blog also includes some great information on Food preparation methods,
and even definitions and explanations of some terms and other health information.

And, you will find that many of these recipes are meals and dishes that you would eat every day.
Click on the highlighted title above to go to that BLOG.  I think you might enjoy it.


My Favorite BLOG is the one I call A RETIRED BOOMER!

This is my place to be a Senior Citizen and raise VERBAL HELL.
In this Blog I write about such things as our government, our representatives, the attacks on our rights and benefits.

And occassionally, if someone sends me a good Joke, then I include it there also.

Check it out by clicking on the link above.


I know you are tired of hearing about it, but I am a writer.

And I write a lot of short stories, and Poetry. I write on subjects such as; stories from my childhood, stories about my time in the Navy during the VietNam war, entertaining fictional stories and of course Love.

I write from the Heart and you might like to try some of these on my Blog called TALES BY DON.

Some of my stories are on the Blog and others are availabel if you click on the link which will take you to the specific story on my Hub Pages site.