About US

Hi! my name is DON and my wife, HELEN and I have been retired?/disabled?/put to pasture?,whatever for several years. We aren't even sure ourselves what category that we actually fit into, honestly.

We love traveling in our RV, seeing new sights and meeting new people, as best we can with our health limitations.

As we have been doing this for a number of years, we have collected a certain knowledge base of what we feel is useful information that our fellow Campers might be able to use.

Add to that the fact that I have a certain level of skill as a writer, and what you get is this BLOG, among others, where we share what we have learned.
We hope that you enjoy this Blog and find the information useful, yourself.

If you do find the information useful, you can help us keep this Blog going in several ways;

1- Sign on as a FOLLOWER of this Blog, and you will get an email notice whenever we write a new BLOG POST.

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3- Tell your Friends about our site, or even send them a link to my site.

Anyway, here we are, in and out of our RV as life allows, and when we glean a little information from the world that we think you might use, we will add it.


 We appreciate your support, and welcome your COMMENTS and SUGGESTIONS!