Monday, April 3, 2017

The OLD MAN in the KEYS - Evolving Chapters

Seagulls, Palm Trees and smooth GULF Waters

OK, Here are a set of links to my chapters about being AN OLD MAN IN THE KEYS.

These are writings about my observations while staying down here, and include photographs, people and how they act while on their vacations, little pieces of natural beauty I see, and of course, some of what I consider the better Tiki Bars and casual dining places.

So, come back here regularly, or just follow this blog post to be notified when I have written a new chapter.

Don Bobbitt

The OLD MAN in the KEYS - Part - 1

Livin' in the Keys for a While

The OLD MAN in the Keys - Part - 2
Being an Observer

Maybe it's the Pelicans

The OLD MAN in the Keys - Part - 4
Or it could be the TIKI BARS