Sunday, March 12, 2017

Work Camping. Is it right for you?

Work Camping is a great way to travel for longer periods of time and make a little money while you do so.

There are thousands of campgrounds around the country that will give a camper (or camping couple) a part-time job and a low price for a campsite if they have the right skills and even better experience.

Campground owners always need people to perform low-impact labor around the campground to keep things operating well.

They will need clerks to check people in and make reservations. They will need people to repair plumbing, electrical problems and do house-keeping. And they will need people to maintain their landscaping.

So, if you are interested in Work Camping, and are good at these things and especially if you have done this before in another campground, click on the link below to read my article on HubPages where I explain Work Camping and the details about this special lifestyle.

by Don Bobbitt