Thursday, October 19, 2017

Coming SOON! A new site for RV Owners.

This site will be updated soon to provide our fellow RV Owners a forum to communicate about different problems and situations that are unique to the world of owning and operating an RV.
It will provide posts on specific subjects and even some solutions for other RV owners to use themselves, as well as giving fellow campers a place to ask questions or provide even more data on each subject.

KEEP WATCHING! The changes will start showing up soon!

Have a great Day!


Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to minimize Sun damage while Camping in your RV

A Sunny day in Arizona.

OK, I'm sure you think you know all of the facts about the Sun and how it can damage your skin.

Sure, you want that great tan, but you don't really want to end up with old wrinkled skin before your time.

Well, just in case you missed something, below is a link to my article on HubPages where I explain such things as; the UV Index, peak Sun damage hours, SPF, and other facts you need to understand if you really want to minimize your potential skin damage from the Sun while camping in your RV.

Ways to avoid those damaging UV rays from the sun.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

RV Financials - 5 Part explanations of RV pricing, selling, trading and financing

Every RV owner or potential owner should read these five articles.
They take the reader through the intricacies of the world of RV financials.

You learn about how an RV is valued as well as how it Depreciates. 

And, it provides valuable information on how to get the most for your older RV if you trade it in on another one, or sell it yourself. 

This information will help you not only understand the way dealers value your RV, but also how to get the most for your RV.

So, click on these links and learn, before you lose money.

I strongly recommend that you read all of these articles, in sequence, before you consider any Rv purchase, so here they are below;

 RV Financials, Part-1 - RV Prices, where the world of RV pricing is explained for the novice.

RV Financials, Part-2, Understanding RV Depreciation where you will get a better understanding of how much an Rv can depreciate every year.

RV Financials, Part-3 - Understanding the RV Trade-In Process where you will get an inside view of how RV dealers work you into accepting their offer for your old Rv when you want to trade.

RV Financials, Part-4 - How to Sell your RV yourself. Here you can pick up on how to properly sell your RV and get the maximum possible price.

RV Financials, Part-5 - Resale Expectations. Be prepared for the reality of your RV's true value.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Right Gear for your RV CAMPSITE


SO, you are planning your first trip in your RV.

And, you're planning on being at this great campground for two whole weeks.

Sounds great, Huh?

Well, right now you need to ask yourself, do you have all of those little things that will make your camping experience a great one?

Click on the link below to read my article on HubPages where I describe the options you should consider to make your camping experience a wonderful one.

Whether you have a Motorhome, a 5th wheel camper, a tag-a-long, or a Pop-Up, this Hub can help you make the right choices in grills, chairs, outside lighting, rugs, tables and more.

Set up your RV Campsite for Fun and Comfort.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How to Balance your RV Power Load on 30Amp Service

An RV AC Power Control Panle typical of most RV's.

Even though many of the Rv's on the market now are designed with 50-Amp power connections and management systems, you can still find many campgrounds that have only 30-Amp power service available.

When this happens to many of us, we are at a loos as to what we can do to operate our RV with all if it's modern appliances on this restricted power source.

Click on the link below to read my article which describes numerous things you can do to balance your power load throughout the day when your camper is in a campground with only a 30-Amp Service.

The article includes numerous tricks and tips which can keep your power usage to a minimum while still enjoying your camping experience.

Balance your RV Power Load on 30Amp Service

Check out this 50-Amp to 30-Amp adapter for your 50-Amp RV.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The OLD MAN in the KEYS - Evolving Chapters

Seagulls, Palm Trees and smooth GULF Waters

OK, Here are a set of links to my chapters about being AN OLD MAN IN THE KEYS.

These are writings about my observations while staying down here, and include photographs, people and how they act while on their vacations, little pieces of natural beauty I see, and of course, some of what I consider the better Tiki Bars and casual dining places.

So, come back here regularly, or just follow this blog post to be notified when I have written a new chapter.

Don Bobbitt

The OLD MAN in the KEYS - Part - 1

Livin' in the Keys for a While

The OLD MAN in the Keys - Part - 2
Being an Observer

Maybe it's the Pelicans

The OLD MAN in the Keys - Part - 4
Or it could be the TIKI BARS

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Work Camping. Is it right for you?

Work Camping is a great way to travel for longer periods of time and make a little money while you do so.

There are thousands of campgrounds around the country that will give a camper (or camping couple) a part-time job and a low price for a campsite if they have the right skills and even better experience.

Campground owners always need people to perform low-impact labor around the campground to keep things operating well.

They will need clerks to check people in and make reservations. They will need people to repair plumbing, electrical problems and do house-keeping. And they will need people to maintain their landscaping.

So, if you are interested in Work Camping, and are good at these things and especially if you have done this before in another campground, click on the link below to read my article on HubPages where I explain Work Camping and the details about this special lifestyle.

by Don Bobbitt

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Replacing your RV TV ANTENNA

Batwing RV TV Antenna with a bent lobe.

All of the RV's I have owned in the past have had a "Batwing" antenna on them.

The older RV's will have the original version that was designed for use during the days of Analog TV transmissions.

The newer Rv's will have an antenna that looks the same and the old design, but the new design will contain an amplifier that will pick up and amplify DIGITAL TV signals.

It is more efficient and should always be the preferred purchase for anyone who needs to replace their older version.

Well, the link below opens an article of mine that recounts my experience with an employee at an RV parts and service center when I needed to replace my TV antenna after it was broken in a campground.

Replacing your RV TV ANTENNA

Hopefully, you will enjoy this little story about my encounter with an authentic, self-proclaimed "expert".