Wednesday, November 16, 2016

RV TRAVELING - Making my Long Range plans for next Summer in my RV.

Our campsite in 3-Flags, a TT RV Resort in Wildwood Florida.

If you're going on a relatively long trip and camping in several different places, a smart RV owner absolutely must make his plans early.

Even if it's just a skeleton of a travel outline, good planning is an absolute must for us all.

My wife and I are planning on spending most of the Summer, in 2017 traveling up the SouthEast states and then spending a couple of months in the eastern parts of Virginia.

Then, we plan on a slow series of hops back South and then a couple of months in the Northern and Central parts of Florida, before we land at our homebase an settle in for a few months.

Click on this  link to read my my blog RVandCamper Info.

There I will be detailing our plans as we work out the details of our whole Summer in our RV and taking suggestions from you, my fellow campers.