Sunday, November 20, 2016

RV Financials - Part-2 RV Depreciation facts

So many people get into the world of RV ownership without a real understanding of not only the pricing but the world of RV Depreciation.

Every RV depreciates, and in fact they depreciate monthly.

Some years, the depreciation rate might be affected by;
the state of the economy,
Interest rates,
and even fuel prices.

So, first read my article that is the first in my series called RV Financials, Part-1 - RV Prices, where the world of RV pricing is explained for the novice.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Understanding RV Financials - Part-1 - RV Pricing and Values

Important Tips and references for an RV Buyer

So, you're interested in buying a NEW RV?

Or, maybe you're just interested in trading in your old one for a newer one?

Well, before you do this, you need to go to the appropriate web sites and get the latest official pricing that the typical dealer will use when you start your negotiations.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

RV TRAVELING - Making my Long Range plans for next Summer in my RV.

Our campsite in 3-Flags, a TT RV Resort in Wildwood Florida.

If you're going on a relatively long trip and camping in several different places, a smart RV owner absolutely must make his plans early.

Even if it's just a skeleton of a travel outline, good planning is an absolute must for us all.

My wife and I are planning on spending most of the Summer, in 2017 traveling up the SouthEast states and then spending a couple of months in the eastern parts of Virginia.