Monday, April 11, 2016

Your RV Generator and How it Works - Tips on Maintenance

Many of the larger RV campers today have built-in generators.

These generators will typically operate on the motorhome's fuel system while owners of towed campers will have a portable generator they can use.

Portable Generator - pic by Marion Doss via Flickr
Below is a link to my article on my HubPage site that provides a short history on the evolution of RVs and their use of generators.

It then goes into how Gas and Diesel Generators function differently and provides some tips on the proper maintenance of your RV Generator.

Also, I have included links to a couple of very good YouTube videos that are full of tips on RV Generator maintenance.

I recommend that everyone read this article and comes away with a better understanding of how their generator operates.

Your RV Generator and How It Works

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