Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Replacing your RV TV ANTENNA

Batwing RV TV Antenna with a bent lobe.

All of the RV's I have owned in the past have had a "Batwing" antenna on them.

The older RV's will have the original version that was designed for use during the days of Analog TV transmissions.

The newer Rv's will have an antenna that looks the same and the old design, but the new design will contain an amplifier that will pick up and amplify DIGITAL TV signals.

It is more efficient and should always be the preferred purchase for anyone who needs to replace their older version.

Well, the link below opens an article of mine that recounts my experience with an employee at an RV parts and service center when I needed to replace my TV antenna after it was broken in a campground.

Replacing your RV TV ANTENNA

Hopefully, you will enjoy this little story about my encounter with an authentic, self-proclaimed "expert".