Monday, April 11, 2016

How to keep Warm in your RV

Every RVer will eventually end up in their camper when a surprise cold snap hits on a cold night ,wondering how to keep warmer without having that propane furnace running throughout the night.

For the more experienced camper, careful pre-planning has them sitting cozy in their RV while the Winter cold has a minimal effect on them.

When you travel up North (anywhere north of Florida) you can wake up with this stuff on your car. Pic by Don Bobbitt
But it often ends up that some of us, are just happily camping and when an unanticipated cold snap hits the area, and we are left spending several nights and days, cold and uncomfortable.

But regardless of our level of preparation, there are a few simple things we can do to improve our comfort. Try using some of the tips listed in this article of mine on HubPages.

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How to keep Warm in your RV

This HUB is a very good list of things that the average RV or Motorhome owner can do improve their comfort when camping in cold climates or weather situations wen traveling.

by Don Bobbitt

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