Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holiday Rambler Neptune Service Visit Info

Pulling Out Soon!

Helen and I are pulling out for 5-6 months of running around in Florida and ???(mayme other points) in about a month.  So, as you can imagine, we have been spending a lot of thime getting ready for our trip.  A lot of that time is being spent adding a lot of little things to our RV for our personal convenience and comfort.

We just purchased our RV in January, and we had done a lot to our old RV, and we have been busy this Fall implementing the same kind of things on our new unit.

First,  we have a 2008 Holiday Rambler Neptune XL 38-foot Diesel Pusher with 4-slides.  It has a Cummins 340 hp engine, and the Ariens 6-speed Automatic Transmission, and has a RoadMaster Chassis.  This is for your reference.

Chassis Service:

I have put over 8200 miles on it since it's purchase, and decided that considering the length of our trip coming up (in and out of CG's in FL), I should probably get the Chassis serviced, you know, Just-In-Case.

ConsidEring that Monaco went Bankrupt on me (and others), I no longer have a Warranty.  And considring that the local Dealer went Bankrupt on me, I no longer had my favorite Service Center to use.  Well, after some searching and conversations, I eventually found a local Diesel Shop that not only worked on RV's, but had a good reputation as being professional and efficient.

So I decided to get the service done by them, and have just received my RV back.

The reason I am writing this is to let you know what Info they needed, and the actual parts that finally used on my unit.  You see, the Owners Manual had a few errors, and luckily I had left it with him for reference, but there wer still some problems that had to be overcome.

When I left the unit I told the Manager of the Shop what I wanted done, which included;

  • Replace the Fuel Filters
  • Replace the Air Filter if necessary,
  • Check all Belts and adjust if necessary
  • Change the Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  • Drop the Leveling Jacks, and lubricate the fittings and grease the Jack Legs.
  • Grease all suspension fittings
  • Grease any Chassis fittings
  • Check and Adjust the Brake linings.
  • Check the Air Brake System
  • Give the Chassis an overall check for any potential problems.
Well, I was billed for 3-hours of Labor, and the specific parts used were:

  • 7182-          Oil Filter
  • 15W40        Engine Oil (20-quarts
  • P551003     Fuel Filter
  • 3966           Fuel Filter
  • Misc Shop Supplies
 I hope this can be of some help to some of you Holiday Rambler, or Cummins, or RoadMaster owners  out there.  The Shop did a good job, and they were on time.  I couldn't ask a lot more.

Have a god Day!

Don Bobbitt