Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to recognize the different Types of Campers and RV's

Over our lives, my wife and I have owned a number of different types of Recreation Vehicles.
We originally started out camping with tents, and we eventually moved up to Pop-Ups, then Trailers and then finally Motorhomes. 

We changed types of campers as we found over our lives that our camping lifestyle changed in parallel with our normal life changes.

At one point, when our kids got old enough to be embarrassed by being with us (teens), my wife and I got totally away from camping and we spent over ten years enjoying a houseboat on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.

And one thing we realized, during that time, is that lake life on a houseboat is similar to camping in a lot of respects.
Other avid campers, we know, prefer a variety of the other types of campers and this article lists the basic information on the most popular designs below. 

To be honest, they are all great vehicles for traveling and camping, and each presents it’s own advantages and challenges; so, it really comes down to which one is the most enjoyable for you and your family. 

For the novice camper, the information listed below is a good reference for deciding which type of RV they might want to look into purchasing, so click on the link below:
by Don Bobbitt, April 2016